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Rietveld Logistics group is one of the largest logistics centers for the Dutch packaging industry with an industrial area of ​​over 200.000 m2 with 125.000 m2 of warehouse space.

The well-conditioned and well-secured warehouses offer space for storage of more than 120.000 pallets of various products, including packaging materials.

Our experienced forklift drivers and supporting staff ensure the safe loading and unloading of goods and the correct storage method: safe, clean and dry. Rietveld Logistics Group continuously strives for an optimal condition of the warehouses and storage conditions. The care for our customer's products is key.

In addition to the storage of pallets in the sheds, there is a cold store on site where products are stored at a temperature of -18 ° C.

Additional information

Value Added Logistics

The versatility of Modal Shift Solutions makes the company an important added value in the logistics chain of Rietveld Logistics Group. In addition to warehousing and transport, we offer a wide range of '' VAL activities ''.

The value added logistics services of Modal Shift Solutions include:

  • Packing, repacking and sealing
  • Tagging and labeling
  • Assembling
  • Display construction
  • Adding promotional material
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing
  • Handling returns
  • Quality control
  • Repairs


Our VAL team is available to discuss your requirements and answer your questions. You can contact us directly via info @ rietveldlogisticsgroup or call to +0162 748 114 (direct number VAL team).


Storage in well-conditioned and secured warehouses

  • Storage of more than 40.000 pallets
  • Cold storage with a temperature of -18 ° C
  • Business park of over 75.000 m2
  • 40.000 pallets of various products

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